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Multi gaming clan, built around 2 things. Having fun and being friends.
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:21 am

Rule No1: These forums are mainly for DRS clan but may also be used by anyone. Respect Members

Rule No2: No abussive language

Rule No3: If you wish to apply to the clan you are welcome to. BUt please create your own topic

Rule No4: Please do not anoy leaders and recruiters to see if your application has been accepted.

Rule No5: Please make sure you do not post spam. For example posting about politics in the battlefield 2142 section

Rule No6: Whatever P0intblank and Hellraiser say goes

Rule No7: If you are a member you are required to obey orders from your squad leaders and clan leaders

Rule No8: If you have been accepted into the clan you are REQUIRED to join our Game Arena Team

Rule No9: Advertising on these Forums is FORBIDDEN

Rule No10: Clans are welcome to come here and challenge us at any stage

Rule No11: Hackers are not welcome here.

- We are currently in need of web designers, if applying and you are a good/ experienced web designer please mention that in your application topic. Please provide us with some evidence (Liars will not be tolerated)
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